Posting Bail on Your Outstanding Warrant

Nobody ever plans to be arrested or have a warrant out for their arrest, but it happens to millions of people every year. If a warrant has been issued for your arrest there are a few things you should know in order to protect your rights and spend as little time in jail as possible. Police are allowed to arrest a person without a warrant under several special circumstances (such as the officer witnessing the crime) – otherwise a warrant must be issued for your arrest.  Knowing how to work through the system will make the process more painless.

Posting Bail on Outstanding Warrant

Luckily for some of the accused, certain warrants have predetermined bail amounts assigned to them. This means that you can post bail to the courthouse without ever having to spend a day in jail. Serious felony charges will likely not have this option, and some warrants actually state “No Bail” on them. If you are able to post bail, however, there are a two ways to go about it.

Bail Bond for Warrant

A bail bond is the option that most people take to avoid arrest on an outstanding warrant. Contact Bail Hotline and we will do the research and determine the status of your warrant and all the options open to you.  If bail can be posted on your warrant, then we will post a surety bond to ensure your continued freedom. An upfront fee of 10% of the actual bail amount is required for this service.  After the bond is posted, your warrant will be recalled and a date set for your appearance in court.

Cash Bond for Warrant

Turning yourself in to law enforcement can be a harrowing experience, especially when you are unsure of the outcome. Call the court, giving your case number or name and date of birth to determine which options apply to the warrant.  In certain specific cases you can “Post and Forfeit” the warrant; after paying the full bail, the warrant is recalled and the case is closed.

Bail can be posted with cash, credit card or a check. The courts hold onto this money until a trial has completely concluded, at which point the bail amount may be returned, less court costs and expenses. Statistically, cases where bail is paid with cash incur higher court fees – essentially, if you show you have lots of cash the court will not hesitate to charge you full price for all expenses incurred (such as a portion of any public defender costs).

If Bail Can’t Be Posted on Warrant

If there is no predetermined bail set for your outstanding warrant there are a few options to consider. As the accused you can always turn yourself in to law enforcement. At this point you may be released on your own recognizance, or you will remain in jail until hearing whether you are eligible for bail. Unfortunately bail itself is not a constitutional right, but freedom from excessive bail is a right.

You also have the right to request a hearing by being put on the walk-in warrant calendar. In some cases this is not an option due to the fact that the court may put a “no court surrender” order on the warrant. In this case it is best to just turn yourself in to police. If this order hasn’t been put onto your warrant then you can show up where your original case was supposed to be heard, and ask to be put on the hearing docket of the day. If bail is set during this hearing, then once again you can post it by paying cash or contacting a bail bondsman.

14 thoughts on “Posting Bail on Your Outstanding Warrant

  1. Im an idiot! I was arrested and released on OR. I went to court date and met with public defender. Had two accounts of DV assault. I never assaulted my wife and defended myself against my father in-law when he attacked me! There word vs mine. Anyway there was a no contact order and truely on accident i sent a drafted text to my wife, she called police now i have a warrant for my arrest. I have two kids, she has toyed with my emotions and taken everything from me and now my job is at stake if i become a felon and miss work for going to jail. Is there s nything i can do at this point?

  2. Numerous agencies will need the buyer to post security before they will permit you purchase your precious one’s freedom. This can contain the deed to your home, your car title, pickings, or even money. Occasionally, just co-signers will function as surety, relying on the bail bondsman. Any necessary surety will be carved in the agreement between you and the bondsman.

  3. Nice article. If the police have enough evidence that you committed a crime, an officer or detective can request that the court issue a warrant for your arrest. Once in custody, you can be held without bail until an arraignment, release hearing, or similar proceeding.

  4. I have a warrant for some ticket I haven’t paid… I called and they said I have to pay the full 1,000! Is this true? I know a lot of people just pay the 10 %. I don’t want to take the risk of going to pay and they arrest me … I just had a newborn… Can be in jail !

    1. Somebody has to put up the $1000. It’s bond, not a fine, so whoever posts it will get it back when the terms of the bond are met, usually appearing for trial. The people who are paying 10% have given that 10% as payment to a bail bond agency as payment for posting the full bail amount. They keep that fee, and as long as you appear in court, you’ll never hear from them about it again. If you don’t, however, you may find yourself the target of a bounty hunter, who receives payment for securing the agency’s money by putting people who skipped bail back in court custody.

        1. Yes. He’ll be charged with failure to appear in court. If he turns himself in, he’s got a better chance of not having to stay in jail to await a new trial. If he already skipped bail, though, there may be cops and/or bounty hunters out looking for him.

          Note that I’m not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. I’m only speaking from my own personal experience and anecdotes from my friends and family. Hope this helps.

  5. If my mom posted bond for me and i did not show up for court either cause i was in jail somewhere else or i just missed court. Eventually though i turned myself in and did all my time in jail. Does the bondsman still have the right to go after my mom

  6. There is a warrant for a cash only bond that I have in a state upon which I moved out of state before the papers were served and thus resulting in not knowing I was supposed to appear in court so now there is a warrent out. My question is of I pay the cash bond will I be arrested? This has been three years ago and I’m just now finding out about the warrent. What can I do?

  7. i had a warrent arrest for not paying a ticket and i was arrested due to the warrent was sent to jail to sait for the judge had a bail fee of 900 which was paid off by my sister i then had a court date but the officer told me to call before going since my ticket was paid off i called still had a warrent and had to appear at court unless my sister sent to sign the bond , my question is do i still have a warrent arrest ?

  8. My daughter was order to pay a 100 a month for fraud an miss 2 payment her boyfriend threatened to kill her she called police today an they locked her up an he free I can’t come up with 2700 BUCKS can I get help getting her out please help

  9. My man has been arrested and it says 400 bond but then it goes down to active hold and he has a active hold of 100. Im lost is it 400 or 100??

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