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About Santa Barbara

Do you live in Santa Barbara?  Bail Hotline Santa Barbara Bail Bonds proudly serves the area with an office that is conveniently located only minutes away from the county jail.

Our staff specialize in both friendly customer service as well as a quick and efficient bail bonds process. We are also proud to say that the Santa Barbara bail Bonds office has been helping inmates since 2012.

If you need bail bonds in Santa Barbara, we can help. Contact our Santa Barbara bail bonds office 24/7 by calling (805) 335-2464 or by filling out the form on this page, either way you will be able to reach a live agent immediately to help with your situation.

Bail Bonds, Liability and Co-Signers

Bail bonds are a tricky business. Most people don’t know how they work, how to get one, or even how much they cost. Learn about one important component of bail bonds: Co-signing. By the end of this article, you should know everything you need to know about setting up and becoming liable for a bail bond.

What is co-signing?

A co-signer, or indemnitor, has a number of responsibilities. To begin with, these are the people who contact a bail agency. They coordinate the bond to make sure a defendant gets out of jail. When you do this, you will have to do a number of things.

First, you are responsible for paying the premium on a bail bond. Typically, a premium is a payment that equals 10 percent of the bond amount. This can be looked at like a service charge, or down payment, that is nonrefundable.

It is important to note that bail bonds last a full year. If a hearing extends beyond a year, the co-signer has the choice to pay another premium equal to the first or not pay the premium, meaning the defendant will have to find another indemnitor or go back to jail.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Santa Barbara bail bonds? Below, our bail bond agents answer the most commonly asked questions about the process.

What is a bail bond?

Think of a bail bond as a contract. It’s a type of financial agreement, or arrangement, between a defendant and the court.

  • The court lets defendants leave custody in exchange for posting bail. They must agree to return for scheduled court hearings.
  • Bail bonds are co-signed by bail bond companies. They guarantee to pay bail and they charge the defendant a fee for the service.

If you need bail bonds to get your loved one out of jail, our team can help.

Why do people need bail bonds in Santa Barbara, CA?

The amount of bail varies depending on factors such as the defendant’s criminal record and the charges against them. In many cases, though, bail is more than what most people can afford to pay outright.

Bail bonds make bail affordable to more defendants. They improve access to justice and help keep families together during the trial process.

Where can I get bail bonds in Santa Barbara County?

You can get bail bonds by calling us or visiting our offices at

4390 Calle Real
Suite B
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

We’re close to the local county jail for your convenience.

What if I need bail bonds during the night?

This is not an issue. If you’re arrested in Santa Barbara day or night, call our team. We’re waiting 24 hours a day to help you.

How much do bail bonds for Santa Barbara jails cost?

It depends. A bail bondsman often charges a fee of around 10% of the bail amount. In such a case, if bail is $25,000, the defendant pays the bail company $2,500.

Bail bond fees can be higher or lower depending on the case. Contact our agents 24/7 to learn how much bail may cost you.

What is the Santa Barbara inmate search?

The Santa Barbara County inmate search lets you check if a loved one has been arrested. You can easily search custody records using their first and last name. You’ll also find information such as the inmate’s bail amount and visitation hours.

How do I perform a Santa Barbara jail inmate search?

It’s easy to run a Santa Barbara County Jail inmate search. Simply enter the person’s name into the search boxes and view the listing. You can also use their county ID number (CID) if you know it.

How can the Bail Hotline help me get bail bonds in CA?

At Bail Hotline, we connect families in need with reputable local bail agents. We’re open 24/7 to support you. You can visit our offices during regular business hours. Or call us on (805) 335-2464 if you need help at other times.

We can also help you run a Santa Barbara sheriff inmate search if you need help.

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