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About Long Beach

Do you live in the city of Long Beach?  Bail Hotline Long Beach Bail Bonds proudly serves the area with an office that is conveniently located only minutes away from the county jail. Our staff specialize in both friendly customer service as well as a quick and efficient bail bonds process. We are also proud to say that the Long Beach bail Bonds office has been helping inmates since 2009.

If you need bail bonds in Long Beach, we can help. Contact our Long Beach bail bonds office by calling (562) 218-4800 or by filling out the form on this page, either way you will be able to reach the staff immediately to help with your situation.

Bail Bonds, Liability and Co-Signers

If you’ve never gone through the bail bond process before, it is likely unfamiliar to you. Most people don’t know how bail bonds work, how to get one if they are in trouble, or even how much they will cost. Learn about one important component of bail bonds: Co-signing. By the end of this article, you should know everything you need to know about setting up and becoming liable for a bail bond.

A co-signer, or indemnitor, has a number of responsibilities. To begin with, these are the people who contact a bail agency and coordinate the bond to make sure a defendant gets out of jail. This will require you to complete a number of steps before the bond is approved.

First, you are responsible for paying the premium on a bail bond. Typically, a premium is a payment that equals 10% of the bail amount. This can be looked at as a service charge, or down payment, that is nonrefundable. It is important to note that bail bonds last a full year. If a hearing extends beyond a year, the co-signer has the choice to pay another premium equal to the first or not pay the premium, meaning the defendant will have to find another indemnitor or go back to jail. READ MORE…

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on bail bonds in Long Beach, California? Read our frequently asked questions on Long Beach bail bonds.

Where Can You Get Bail Bonds in  Long Beach?

You can get bail bonds in Long Beach by visiting Bail Hotline, or contacting us by phone. We are a bail bonds company with over nine years of experience. Bail Hotline is located at:

2340 E Pacific Coast Hwy Unit F,

Long Beach, CA


Phone: (562) 218-4800

How Much Do Bail Bonds Long Beach Cost?

Long Beach bail bonds are subject to a mandated 10% down payment by law. In order to post your bond, this must be paid in full, with the potential for additional fees or service charges depending on circumstances.

For personalized pricing information that fits with what you need from a bail bond, get in touch with Bail Hotline Bail Bonds’ experienced Long Beach bail bondsmen for an accurate quote. They understand how important this is for you and will provide all of the necessary details about costs so that you know exactly where you stand.

How Can I Access the Long Beach Inmate Search?

If you or a loved one is already in jail in Long Beach, you can use the Long Beach jail inmate search tool to find out more information. This is an online database that contains the personal details of current inmates in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. With this tool, you can search for a specific inmate by name or number, as well as access their booking information, mug shots and more.

How Can I Check for Warrants in Long Beach?

The Long Beach warrant search is also available online. This tool allows you to check if a person has an outstanding warrant in Long Beach or one of the surrounding areas. You can search by name or location to find out more information about an individual’s legal standing.

How to Get Bail Bonds Long Beach, California?

If you need Long Beach bail bonds, there are a few easy steps to follow. Firstly, choose a reliable and experienced long beach bail bonds professional with years of experience in the industry. Ask about their fees, payment methods and turn-around time before signing any paperwork. Next, gather the necessary information such as your loved one’s name, their charges, and the amount of bail.

Once all the information is gathered, provide it to the Long Beach bail bondsman who will file for and post bail on your behalf. After payment of the fee and other paperwork is settled, your loved one should be released soon after.

Does Bail Hotline Offer Bail Bonds Long Beach

Yes, Bail Hotline is available for Long Beach bail bonds services and can help you with your Long Beach city jail inmate search. We’re open 24/7 and understand how stressful and confusing the bail bond process can be. Our experienced bondsmen have the expertise to quickly secure your loved one’s release from jail.

Contact us today at (562) 218-4800

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