5 Ways an Orange County Bail Bondsman Can Help You

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If someone you love is arrested, you want to get your family back together quickly. Bail is one way to get a defendant out of jail fast – and a bail bondsman can help. If you’re in Orange County, here’s how bail bondsmen can help you move forward with the process. 

What Are Bail Bonds?

Let’s first clarify what we mean by “bail bonds”. 

Bail bonds are a legal pledge to pay a sum of money in exchange for a defendant’s release from custody. In other words, they’re a type of financial guarantee.

If the defendant doesn’t show up for scheduled court dates, the bond may be forfeit or canceled. Bond forfeiture means the defendant loses any premium or money paid towards bail and they’ll be returned to custody.  

What Is a Bail Bondsman?

A bail bondsman is a company or individual who issues bail bonds. They post bail on a defendant’s behalf in exchange for a fee. In California, the fee is, normally, around 10% of the total bail amount set by the court. You may also see bail bondsmen referred to as bail bond agents, or bail bond agencies. 

To be clear, Orange County bail bondsmen are not bounty hunters in the typical sense. However, they can detain a defendant who skips bail. And if you need Orange County bail bonds, they can help. 

What Does a Bail Bondsman in Orange County Do?

The bail bonds process can be complicated. Bail bondsmen make the situation easier for families by helping defendants get out of jail quicker. Bail bonds services include:

  • Issuing bail bonds
  • Answering questions about the court process
  • Explaining how inmate searches work
  • Completing paperwork
  • Filing documents with the court 

Licensed bail bondsmen perform a variety of tasks. But why should you hire a bail bondsman in CA? Here are five ways that Orange County bail bondsmen can help you. 

There are various steps involved in posting bail. If you’re unsure how the process works, you could find it very stressful and overwhelming. A local bail agent, however, will ensure you understand the steps involved. They’ll explain, for example:

  • How bail works 
  • What happens if the defendant skips bail
  • How long it takes to release a defendant from custody
  • The best way to perform an inmate search 

From the moment you make contact until the case is resolved, a bail bondsman can support you. 

2. A Bondsman Can Help You Save Money

Unless you hire a local bail agent, you need to pay the full bail amount yourself. This could mean spending hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars. 

However, bail bonds are far cheaper and they’re easy to arrange. So long as the defendant meets their bail conditions, all you’re liable for is the premium. As a result, your local Orange County bail bondsman will save you money in the long run.   

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3. They Will Offer Support and Advice

This is an incredibly difficult time for the whole family. You will, most likely, have many questions. 

Although bail bondsmen are not attorneys, they can answer questions about the criminal law process. They can offer advice on where to find a criminal lawyer and what happens at court. They’ll also explain how to contact the local police department for more information. 

A bail agent’s guidance and support during this time can be invaluable.   

4. Bail Bondsmen Help to Promote Fair Treatment

Bail can be expensive. Without bail bonds, many defendants would be unable to afford bail at all. This could mean spending weeks or months in custody awaiting trial. 

However, a bail agent promotes equality by ensuring that more defendants can afford bail. And reputable bail bondsmen only ever charge reasonable premiums to make bail bonds accessible to more defendants.

5. A Bail Bondsman Can Speed Up the Bail Process

There’s nothing comfortable about jail. The goal should always be to free a defendant as soon as possible. That’s why Orange County bail bondsmen work efficiently. 

Their goal is to get your loved one out of custody at the earliest opportunity. With their help, you can reduce the length of time your loved one spends in an Orange County jail.

Do I Need a Bail Bondsman?

You don’t need a bail bondsman in Orange County if:

  • The defendant is in custody for a non-bailable offense. 
  • You can afford to pay the full bail amount yourself.
  • The defendant has another means of borrowing money for bail. 

Unless it’s a very small amount, many defendants may struggle to get the money together for bail. But hiring a bail bondsman can help you reunite as quickly as possible.  

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