What is the Los Angeles Felony Bail Schedule?

An arrested man with handcuffs on

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in Los Angeles, understanding the Los Angeles County felony bail schedule is crucial. Bail is an amount of money or property that a defendant can offer to the court to ensure their appearance at court hearings. In Los Angeles, the bail amount for a felony charge is set by the Los Angeles felony bail schedule, which is also known as the California felony bail schedule.

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15 Startling California Bail Statistics

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As a bail bondsman company based in California, Bail Hotline has a deep understanding of the state’s bail system. The bail bond industry statistics are quite fascinating and help us to understand the effectiveness of the bail system in California. In this blog, we will explore 15 surprising California bail statistics that you may not have known.

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What Is a Reinstatement for Bail Bonds?

Bail bond note on table with gavel and coins scattered around the surface

If the court grants a defendant bail, it’s important that they follow the bail conditions properly. Otherwise, they risk having their bail revoked – and their bail money forfeited. 

It’s possible, however, to have a bail bond reinstated in California under certain circumstances. But what does it mean when a bond is reinstated, and how does the reinstatement process work? Let’s take a look. 

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Can You Get Bailed Out of Jail on a Weekend?


The police can arrest people at any time of the day or night – whether it’s the weekend or not. But if you’re arrested on a Saturday or Sunday, can someone bail you out of jail? Here’s whether you can bail someone out of jail on a weekend and how to post bail. 

What Is Bail?

Bail is essentially an agreement between a defendant and the court. In exchange for being released on bail pending their court date, the defendant agrees to follow certain rules (bail conditions). 

Bail costs money – it’s not free. The judge sets a bail amount before the defendant can be released. And if the defendant breaches their bail conditions, they can be arrested.

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Guide to Bail Amounts in California

Wrapped one hundred dollar bills behind a set of handcuffs on dark brown wooden table

In California, bail amounts are determined by various factors – including the crime committed. Below, we go over how bail is calculated in California, and what defendants might pay depending on the crime.

What Is Bail?

Bail is a sum of money defendants can pay to be released from jail pending trial. In exchange for release, though, the defendant must adhere to certain bail conditions. 

If the defendant violates their bail conditions, the judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest. The bail paid will be forfeited unless it’s reinstated – contact us immediately if you need help with bail bonds reinstatement. 

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What is the Work of a Bail Enforcement Agent?

A pair of handcuffs lying on top of a pile of money

A bail enforcement agent, sometimes known as a “bounty hunter,” is a person who is hired by a bail bond agency to apprehend a defendant who has failed to appear in court after posting bail. The primary role of a bail enforcement agent is to locate, arrest, and return the defendant to custody in order to ensure that the bail bondsman does not lose the money they put up to secure the defendant’s release.

Bail enforcement agents are often licensed and authorized by state or local authorities to carry out their duties, and they may work independently or as part of a team. They use a variety of investigative techniques and tools to locate and track down fugitives, including surveillance, interviewing witnesses, and searching public records.

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