How to Survive a Night in Jail

Going to jail is a stressful event for anyone. Even an arrest for a minor crime can lead to a night in the county lockup. If you are arrested you definitely want to take advantage of your phone call as soon as possible and contact a bail bondsmen. These bail agents are often able to secure a person’s release in only a few hours. This could get a person out of a holding cell before they are even put into general population.

The eighth amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees bail for almost anybody, so it is important to use this right as quickly as possible. If you aren’t able to secure bail immediately, and you end up in jail with other inmates, here are a few simple ways to ensure you survive the night without any serious consequences.

Don’t Resist Officers

Resisting police demands is one of the quickest ways to get hurt while spending a night in jail. Officer demands may seem trivial, and sometimes even unfair, but it is important to follow these commands to the letter. Showing any physical resistance or even disrespect can lead to an officer getting physical with you.

It may not be right, but getting officers removed from their posts for using excessive force is a difficult and time-consuming venture that often ends in the officer’s favor. It is best to do what they say when they say it. You will not be in jail for long, so it is a small price to pay to not be hurt.

Request a Single Cell

If a single cell is available you should request that cell. While most inmates mean you absolutely no harm, there will always be at least one bad apple in the bunch. The chances of you ending up in a cell with that bad apple are slim, but there is still the possibility. Don’t demand that officers give you an empty cell, because they don’t legally have to. Make the request in the friendliest way you possibly can.

Become an Island

Keeping to yourself is one of the best ways to ensure your safety while in jail. Don’t appear to be scared of other inmates, just look as if you aren’t interested in making conversation with anyone. If someone does ask you a question, however, make sure that you answer it. If you don’t answer then you may come off as rude, and that information will assuredly make its way around the jail unit. Answer any questions with a short and quick response while trying to sound friendly. It is also important to not accept favors. Another inmate may appear to be nice and inviting, but he may use any accepted favor as ammunition to get something he wants later.

Try not to Sleep

If you do end up in a shared cell then you should probably come to terms with the fact that you may not be getting any sleep that night. While most people in county jail are only there for minor offenses, there are still inmates who may try to hurt you when you’re vulnerable. Stay awake in your cell with your back against the wall. Even if there are violent offenders who want to test you, at least you will not be sleeping if they try.

Going through a night in jail is likely going to be a taxing event on anyone. County jail isn’t the same as prison, so there will be far fewer people around you that are willing to cause you harm. Even with this being the case, there are still bad people in every jail unit in the country. In California, even a minor probation violation will lead officers to put you back into county intake. Speaking with a bail bondsman before being put into the regular population is the best option for surviving jail, but even if you can’t get out quickly, these tips will help make sure that you do get out safely.



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