Child Endangerment | CA PC 273-A

California treats crime very seriously, but there are no doubt violations that are treated much more severely than others. Those who are charged with crimes against children, for instance, face numerous consequences that can lead to years in prison. Child endangerment laws, for example, are some of California’s most serious statutes, and in reality, physical harm doesn’t even have to occur for someone to be charged with this crime. This is why it’s vital for anyone charged under the child endangerment statute to properly understand it.

What is Child Endangerment?

California’s child endangerment statute covers a variety of potential actions against a child. A person who permits or causes a child to go through unjustifiable mental suffering or physical pain, for instance, can face these charges. Additionally, anyone who willfully permits or causes a child that they are caring for to be injured will face the charge.

Lastly, anyone who willfully permits or causes any child to be in a situation that’s deemed dangerous can be charged under the statute. As already mentioned, there is no need for actual harm to come to a child for this charge to be levied against a person.

Bail Amounts for These Charges

California counties are allowed to set their own bail amounts for any crime committed within their jurisdiction. These amounts are listed in their bail schedules and, unfortunately for many, these amounts are often high and can vary greatly between counties.

In Los Angeles County alone, the bail amount can range from $15,000 to $25,000, depending on whether or not the risk of great bodily injury existed. Most other counties focus their schedules on whether or not great bodily harm or death could have occurred. Sacramento County, for instance, sets their bail amount for this crime at $50,000. Orange and Santa Barbara counties, on the other hand, have amounts set at $100,000. These are for felony charges, but the schedules still have instructions on presumptive bail amounts for misdemeanor charges which may not be listed.

The aforementioned bail amounts are obviously high, so it’s best to reach out to a bond agency like Bail Hotline. With maximum fees of only 10 percent of a person’s face bail amount required to secure their release, it is a much more cost effective method of getting out of jail.

Penalties for Child Endangerment

Those facing child endangerment charges have an uphill battle ahead of them. Since no actual injury is necessary for the charge to be brought forth, many presumably innocent people end up facing these charges.

The penalties for child endangerment will vary depending on whether the prosecutor chooses to bring forth the charges as a misdemeanor or a felony. As with most misdemeanor charges, the maximum time a person can do when charged with this lesser offense is one year in jail. For those charged with a felony, however, they can face up to six years in a California state prison.

Those charged with child endangerment will realize relatively quickly that they are facing serious consequences within the California legal system. This is why it’s absolutely imperative for them to secure their freedom while awaiting a trial, and begin working on their legal defense. Financial impact will also be less in the long run, if you can get back to work and remain a means of support for your family.

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