What Is a Reinstatement for Bail Bonds?

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If the court grants a defendant bail, it’s important that they follow the bail conditions properly. Otherwise, they risk having their bail revoked – and their bail money forfeited. 

It’s possible, however, to have a bail bond reinstated in California under certain circumstances. But what does it mean when a bond is reinstated, and how does the reinstatement process work? Let’s take a look. 

What Is Bond Reinstatement?

When a judge awards bail, the defendant is free to go. However, they must return to court when requested e.g. for hearing dates. If the defendant doesn’t comply with such conditions, the judge may issue a bench warrant for their arrest and revoke bail. 

At this point, the indemnitor – or cosigner – who agreed to be held liable for the full amount of the bond is now liable to make payment

Bail bond reinstatement means that the court agrees to reinstate the revoked bail. In other words, the bail bond is reestablished or put back in place. Reinstatement is the only way to stop either the bail bond companies or other individuals from having to pay the cost of the forfeited bail. 

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Why Are Bonds Revoked?

Courts can revoke bail – and bail bonds – for a number of reasons. The most common reasons why bail bonds are revoked by the judge include:

  • The defendant fails to appear at court for their scheduled hearings. 
  • The defendant violates their bail conditions in some way.
  • For whatever reason, the defendant cannot be contacted or located. 

Courts do not grant bail lightly. If you break the bond agreement and your bail is revoked, you could face criminal and financial penalties. 

What Is a Reinstatement Notice?

A bail bond reinstatement notice confirms that your bond has been reestablished. Once you have such a notice, it’s as if the bond was never revoked. 

Going forward, it’s important that you attend the court hearing dates assigned to your case. If you do not understand your bail conditions, or you can’t attend your court hearing, you must get advice from a defense attorney immediately. 

The court may not reinstate bail a second time and you could be arrested. 

How Do I Get a Bail Bond Reinstated?

First, the defendant should contact their bail bondsman or bail agent. They will contact the court to apply to have the bond reinstated and the bench warrant removed. They should also get legal advice from their attorney as other charges may be applicable, or they may have been arrested.  

Bail bond reinstatement is a legal process that must be completed properly. You should call your agent without delay to get help with this matter. 

What Happens When a Bond Is Reinstated?

If a bail bond is reinstated, this just means that it’s reissued. The defendant will get new court dates and the case continues as if the bond was never revoked. 

Unless the defendant wishes to forfeit their bail money – or any property put up as surety – it’s essential that they seek reinstatement. 

How Long Does it Take to Reinstate a Bond?

Every case is a little different. However, your first step should be calling us after a bail bond forfeiture. We will immediately get to work at reinstating your bond and scheduling a new court date. The longer you wait, the more complicated matters can become, so it’s best to act quickly. 

You may have to wait a few days – or a week or so – until the reinstatement hearing. Our team will explain how long you can expect to wait depending on the circumstances. 

Can the Court Refuse to Reinstate a Bond?

Sometimes, yes. It all depends on the facts of the case. For example, the judge may refuse to reinstate the bond based on:

  • Whether the defendant commits another crime
  • What charges the defendant faces 
  • The amount of time that has passed since the bail bond forfeiture

There’s no guarantee that a judge will agree to reinstate the bond. However, you should get legal advice or contact the Bail Hotline to discuss your situation. We will approach the court on your behalf to initiate reinstatement proceedings. 

What Happens if the Bail Bond Is Not Reinstated?

When a defendant fails to appear in court, they can be arrested at any time. Unless the bail bond is reinstated, the court bench warrant is still active, so the police can arrest the defendant immediately. 

  • Any money paid upfront for the bond can be forfeited. 
  • If you put up property as surety for the bond, it may also be forfeited.

We will do everything possible to have a bail bond reinstated. Call us immediately to begin the reinstatement process.

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