Solano County’s Bail Schedule

As in virtually any other county in the state of California, Solano County has its own bail schedule, and this schedule is used to give a reference for bail amounts issued to individuals who are arrested and charged with certain crimes. The bail schedule for Solano County lists what an arrested individual may face when trying to be released from custody pending a trial. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Solano County, contact our Bail Hotline Fairfield office for immediate help.

Bail Amounts Increase with Multiple Charges

When you look over the bail schedule of Solano County, you will see the average amount of bail for certain crimes. The figures displayed do not necessarily represent what the actual amount of bail will be, especially when multiple charges are pending. It will give you a basic idea of all the various crimes and potential face amounts of bail that are stipulated for crimes allowing bail in this manner.  You bail agent will be familiar with all the possible variations as soon as you give them the facts of your arrest and the charges.
Circumstances Matter

Bail amounts can differ based on the circumstances of a criminal accusation and subsequent arrest. For instance, a person who kills another person with a vehicle may be charged with vehicular manslaughter, resulting in a bail amount averaging around $10,000.  However, if there was intent to use the vehicle to kill someone, the charge can then become vehicular homicide – for which there is no bail amount.   Other crimes with no bail amount include murder and capital murder. In these situations, neither a bail bonding agency nor any amount of money will get you released from jail while awaiting trial.

Correlation Between Jail Time and Bail

Some crimes carry a minimum sentence in California, and as such, you may be able to use the Solano County bail schedule to have a better idea of bail amounts based on the number of years in jail or prison the defendant is facing. For instance, someone looking at a potential of three years in prison may have their bail amount set at $15,000, while an individual who is facing a sentence of 16 years may be required to post up to $180,000 in order to be released from custody while awaiting their trial.

In most cases a bail agent will be able to work with you to post a bond on your behalf, allowing your freedom until a verdict is pronounced. Not only will you be able to return to your home, job and family, but also your release will give you the time and access to assist in building a proper defense.  Sitting in jail is never something you want to do if there is any choice, and with the many options available – from zero down financing to collateral loans – in most cases you are only one phone call away from securing your release.

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