The 2 Outcomes of Posting Bail


What happens when you post bail? What are the side-effects if a defendant skips a court date? We will discuss these questions in detail throughout this post, though the most important thing to know is that bonds work best when a defendant shows up to court. If not, the defendant and the person who signed the bond could be in for some serious trouble.

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How Bail is Set


Judges set bail based on a number of factors, many of which we will outline in the following paragraphs. The amount they set is important for you, the person responsible for bailing someone out of jail, because it determines the type of collateral you will need to secure a bond.

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Expert Advice for Securing a Bail Bond


Here are some need-to-know tips for defendants and friends/family members of defendants in need of a bail bond:

“Bail” vs. “Bonds”

Though they are used for the same reason, there is a big difference between bailing someone out of jail and getting a bond. Bail is cash, or when a person pays the court directly. A bond, or “surety” bond, is when your friends or family members use a third party (i.e. a bondsman) to front the money for bail.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Bail Bonds


If you’re ever in a situation that calls for bail, it’s time to do some research pertaining to how bail bonds work. This is because bail bonds are complicated and can vary based on the crime, your record, and several other factors. To help get you started, Bail Hotline has thrown together a crash course in bail bonds that covers all the need-to-know information including answers to questions such as, “how do bail bonds work?”, “what role does a bondsman play?”, and other relevant queries.

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Bail Reform | What’s the Dilemma?

No one ever anticipates themselves or their loved ones going to jail, but when something does occur to put them behind bars most people know they are likely eligible for bail. What many people don’t recognize, however, is that there is more than one way of doing this. They could, of course, deposit the entire bail amount up front – which would be a daunting burden – or they might choose to use a bail bond agency and accomplish the same goal for a small percentage of the face amount of their bail.  It’s important to realize, though, that this relatively small distinction isn’t the only financial implication involved. 

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Bail Hotline Hollenbeck Event

Today, meeting such a great man such as Danny Hernandez (President & CEO) & hearing Arnold Swarzenegger speak about coming to our Country as an immigrant with no one and nothing but himself was humbling. (Powerful Men giving back selflessly)

When Arnold talked about not having anything and not knowing anyone but yet strangers at his gym gave him Christmas presents! That was awesome. Because of something some of us may see as so simple, it can be life changing for one person and for Arnold it was.

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Bail Hotline combines workshop for charity with their annual Blitz

Bail Agents from the Bail Hotline built two-dozen red flyer wagons during their sales training sessions to promote teamwork and motivation to finish 2013 with a bang.  The wagons will be donated to local charities in the cities where many of their California offices are located. 

Every year around November, Bail Agents from the Bail Hotline Bail Bonds meet to refine their skills, build teamwork, and motivate themselves to finish the fiscal year on a strong note. It all culminates in what Bail Hotline describes as their yearend BLITZ!

“This year we combined our motivations talks and workshops with team oriented games in which the teams won the tools to build their wagons, “explained Danny McGuire, CEO of Bail Hotline. “Everyone was excited to know that their Red Flyer wagon will brighten the holidays of many children in our communities.”

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