Expert Advice for Securing a Bail Bond


Here are some need-to-know tips for defendants and friends/family members of defendants in need of a bail bond:

“Bail” vs. “Bonds”

Though they are used for the same reason, there is a big difference between bailing someone out of jail and getting a bond. Bail is cash, or when a person pays the court directly. A bond, or “surety” bond, is when your friends or family members use a third party (i.e. a bondsman) to front the money for bail.

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Bail Hotline, Fastest Growing Bail Bonds Company in California, Launches New Site


California’s rapidly-rising bail bonds company, Bail Hotline, announces its new website—the latest component in its robust service offering. 

Riverside, California, June 29, 2014 – Bail Hotline is the fastest growing bail bonds company in all of California, with a robust organizational structure that allows it to serve an ever-expanding population of clients—thousands of people and families every month. Already the company has 32 locations and more than 300 employees, plus an around-the-clock service line. Now, Bail Hotline has added another asset to this robust service structure—a newly launched website, which boasts a sleek and intuitive design and ample information for clients. The new site has been launched at

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