6 Essential Questions to Ask Your Bail Agent


If a friend or family member is arrested, the first thing you might ask is this: How do I bail them out? On this page, we will talk about answering this question and asking other ones to ensure you bail out your friend as quickly and seamlessly (and affordably) as possible. By the end, you will know six essential questions to ask your bail agent.

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4 Steps of the Bail Process


When a friend or family member is arrested, the first thought you have is this: How do I get this person out of jail as quickly as possible? Without bail bonds, jails would have to hold people for weeks and even months at a time until a defendant’s court date comes around. Bail exists because a lot of people don’t deserve to sit in jail for more than few hours. Fortunately, most states (like California) allow you to bail people out of jail by using a bail bondsman.

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The 2 Outcomes of Posting Bail


What happens when you post bail? What are the side-effects if a defendant skips a court date? We will discuss these questions in detail throughout this post, though the most important thing to know is that bonds work best when a defendant shows up to court. If not, the defendant and the person who signed the bond could be in for some serious trouble.

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